Here at Hope Assembly of God we are feeding & clothing the poor & needy; the elderly; and women and children who find themselves in hopeless circumstances that are incredibly overwhelming. But more than just giving a “hand out”, we are giving a “hand up”. We are helping people break free from all kinds of addictions and self-destructive life-styles through rehabilitation programs, education programs, work programs and life choices classes that elevate people to their fullest God-given potential. By realizing the value God has placed on them and experiencing the unconditional love of Christ. Lives are being transformed everyday for the glory of God. We want to do more. We want to see more lives changed and more people go free.
Twenty-three years ago God gave me a dream about a center where hurting struggling people of all ages, races and religious backgrounds could come and find help, hope and healing from the travesties of life. Having been a homeless addict myself twenty-five years ago, my heart breaks when I see people hungry, hurting, disabled and hopeless. God saved me for this purpose. After twenty plus years of ministry to street people, the elderly in nursing homes and prisoners in jail, God gave me the opportunity to attend a pastor’s conference in Phoenix Arizona. I saw the dream I had earlier at a place called the “Dream Center”. Everything I dreamed they were doing. I cried tears of joy when God told me He wanted me to bring this to Memphis Tennessee. Having lived in Memphis my whole life I knew the need was great but I also know God is greater. Today God has me pastoring at Hope Assembly of God in one of the worst areas in Memphis and God is transforming our community right in front of our eyes. But we want to do more. We want to build a “Dream Center” here in Memphis.
Since there are very few facilities for women we want to open a center where women and children can come and get off the streets. Where women who are homeless or have been abused or used for sex trafficking can find shelter and discover a new life. Where their children can continue to live with them instead of being taken away because the mother is deemed unfit because she doesn’t have a place to live. Where children can become a part of God’s family instead of the street gangs. A place where a pregnant mother is given a place to live and a hope for the future if she decides to keep her baby instead of aborting it. We want to be Jesus to “the least of these”. I’m asking for your assistance to help us reach them with the Love of God.

Luke 10:2 “Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”